Welcome to cubicweb-jsonschema’s documentation!

cubicweb-jsonschema provides mappings from CubicWeb entities to JSON Schema documents as well as an HTTP API based on the JSON Hyper-Schema specification.


Bug report should be submitted at https://www.cubicweb.org/project/cubicweb-jsonschema.

Patches should be submitted by email at the cubicweb-devel@lists.cubicweb.org mailing list as for the CubicWeb project (see respective Contributing section for details).

For this project, one should add a jsonschema flag to message headers; this can be achieved by specifying a --flag jsonschema option to hg email command.


This part of the documentation describes the HTTP API provided by cubicweb-jsonschema. Start reading the Hypermedia walkthrough.


In Python code examples of pages in this section, client is a thin wrapper of webtest.app.TestApp.

Developer interface

This part of the documentation describes the developer interface (API) of cubicweb-jsonschema.

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